All Round 10'6FT Pink Color Stand Up Paddle Board

All Round 10'6FT Pink Color Stand Up Paddle Board

The YASKA 10’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is an all-around that is ideal for recreational paddling on calmer waters but can also be used for other SUP activities on various water conditions. The board can be used by anybody regardless of skill level.
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Specifications of the 10’6 inflatable SUP board:


This inflatable paddle board comes in a single color: blue + white.
The 10’6 paddle board is inflatable, meaning it can be filled with air for use or deflated and stored. It is a durable
board, making it easy to deflate, roll up and store or transported in the backpack. Air fills or leaves the board through a valve at the rear of the board. Its maximum recommended PSI is 15.
The stand-up inflatable paddle board is 10 feet 6 inches long, which is not too long nor is it short. This makes it suitable for average sized paddlers and slightly tall ones. The board is still long enough to fit 2 persons (so your kids or pets can accompany you through your journey on the water)
It is 32 inches wide. This is wide and stable enough for smaller and bigger paddlers. Very heavy paddlers would require a wider board (33-34 inches) to attain more stability. Wider boards tend to be more stable.
The 10’6 inflatable SUP board is 6 inches thick. This is common among most modern inflatable paddle boards. Thicker boards feel more rigid and stable.
Weight of the board:
The paddle board weighs around 20 pounds. All things being considered, the board feels lightweight, making it easier to maneuver and steer on the water. It also makes it easy to carry about when inflated (it is not advisable to drag your board on the ground).
Weight capacity:
The 10’6 inflatable SUP board has a maximum weight capacity of 298 pounds. A paddler can allow for a companion as long as the weight is kept in check.

This paddle board has an inner core made of a drop-stitch material and surrounded by a base cloth. There is a double layer of military grade PVC materials on the outer shell and at the rails of the board. Finally, on top of the board is a soft non-slip EVA foam deck pad.

stand up paddle board

Product name All round pink color inflatable stand up paddle board
Dimension 10'6''×32''×6'' (320cm×81cm×15cm)
Max. loading weight 298lbs (135kgs)
Max. PSI 25
Accessories fin,paddle,leash,hand pump,repair kit,backpack

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